Harwood Homemade Pottery and Giveaway


This week I wanted to share some of my favorite kitchen bowls/containers! These are made by a very talented artisan, who also happens to be a friend of mine. And, YES, I would still love them even if she wasn’t my friend! LOL

It’s happily made hand-thrown functional stoneware. No two pieces are alike & that’s what I like about them. They’re original, unique, beautiful & oh so functional. Pictured below is my favorite bowl that sits on my counter full of GARLIC. If you’ve read many of my recipes you know how much I love garlic! And, YES I truly do use all of that.

Along with two smaller bowls that are perfect for mixing vinaigrettes, having a bowl of cereal, LOL whatever you like! Her company is called Harwood Homemade and she sells her creations on Etsy. Here’s a link to her shop: http://harwoodhomemade.etsy.com




Drumroll please….Harwood Homemade has graciously decided to DONATE a piece of her fabuware (that’s fabulous ware for those of you not familiar with Paulaisms). Yes that means a FREEBIE for one lucky reader,  & who doesn’t love a freebie? I know I do!

To enter the contest simply:

  1. Visit her Etsy Shop and then come back here to leave a comment about your favorite Harwood Homemade piece. (This equals 1 entry)
  2. Follow me on Twitter and then leave a comment regarding that for 1 more entry.
  3. Subscribe to my blog (either RSS or email) and leave a comment after you’ve done that. (1 more entry)
  4. Lastly, you can Tweet or Blog about this contest. Be sure to return and leave a comment with the permalink to your blog post or tweet.  (1 entry for blogging and 1 for tweeting)

Do all the above and earn a total of 5 entries. Winner will be chosen by random drawing and announced on Friday February 20, 2009!

Edited to add: Join the Facebook group and get a bonus entry: Click here

Good Luck!


  1. 51

    I’m following you on twitter.

  2. 52
    Danielle E. /

    I love the sangue-de-boeuf bowl. The color is great.

  3. 53

    I like the vase

  4. 55
    jdp /

    subscribed! off to check out your yummy recipes…

  5. 56

    I like the green bowl!

  6. 57
    Jen /

    I totally love the green bowl! Too cute!

  7. 58
    Elaine R /

    I love the Athens Cups-beautiful craftmanship!

  8. 59
    samantha /

    I love the orangishy one… the swirls and the shape of the bowl are beautiful. kama @kittenpile.com

  9. 60
    Danyalle /

    I love it all. I am a big fan of pottery and wish I had time to persue it!
    The “handleless pitcher was prob my fav.

  10. 61
    Anna Shingleton /

    I love the cups! Those are awesome, I can see lots of coffee filling them to the rim! Anna

  11. 62
    christin /

    i love the covered casserole dish:) thanks!

  12. 63
    Sabrina /

    I’m a coffee cup collector and i just love the handmade pottery.

  13. 64
    Kelly /

    Beautiful & functional–who could ask for more? : )

  14. 65
    melissa staie /

    Learning to twitter you silly girl. Hey, is the garlic bowl on the website ?

  15. 66
    Susan Barnard /

    The covered cassarole dish is lovely!

  16. 67

    I love the covered casserole…okay, I loved every single piece. Beautiful pottery and the prices are great.

  17. 68

    Now following you on twitter…I am cupcakes5. : )

  18. 69

    I would have to green stoneware bowl. Beautiful.

  19. 71
    Jeannie Frulla /

    Love the covered casserole! Thanks for the recommendation to this site!

  20. 72
    Jeannie Frulla /

    Followed you on Twitter ;}, and this is the first time I’ve been on Twitter! Thanks! –Jeannie

  21. 73
    Christina McNeely /

    I couldn’t choose just one! They are all super. My favorites are the orange ish y bowl and the green bowl. I could see me using both of these in my kitchen.

  22. 74
    Christina McNeely /

    I’m twitter-ing you!

  23. 75

    darn it! I missed this!

  24. 76

    i love it all very nice stuff

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