Nutella Truffles w/Raspberry Sauce

You KNOW I have a wicked sweet tooth & you KNOW how much I am madly passionate about Nutella! So hello why not put two of my favorite things together! Sheer bliss! I don’t know why I hadn’t made these sooner. They are little bites of pure happiness. You look at them and think, WOW that has to be complicated. Too much trouble. But NO! They’re really not! You can make these much faster than you can a cake. Not faster than just dipping your spoon into the Nutella jar but fast nonetheless {you can do that while they’re setting up in the fridge tee hee}

The nice people over at Challenge Dairy recently contacted me to let me know about a new promotion they’re doing called “The Real Challenge for Real Baker’s Photo Contest” Where you can enter to win over $2,500 in Nordic Ware Prizes. Nice eh? Who couldn’t use a few extra pans! Visit Challenge Dairy for all the rules & regulations and to submit your entry! I’m submitting this baby…

I’ll let you in on the secret to these truffles…Come a little closer…Nordic Ware sent me this gaw-geous Bundt Tea Cake & Candy Mold Pan to try out! Hence how these beauties came out so purty ; ) I will say that you need to use cooking spray with FLOUR to coat these. If you try to just use cooking spray and then dust with flour well you’re going to get truffles that look like goopy snow capped mountains {don’t ask me how I know : ( } Just trust me!


Don’t you want a bite? The filling possibilities are endless but you know that my mind ALWAYS goes to Nutella first. Just can’t help it. I am a Nutella-holic! {Nutella if you’re listening I think we’d make a great team! Call me *wink wink*) Okay focusing…The Ghiradelli chocolate melted beautifully for me and set up nicely in this recipe. The small dab of butter mixed in just made it silky and smooth.

Speaking of butter, if you haven’t tried Challenge Butter the quality is amazing. You can click on “Where to Buy” tab on their site to find a coupon and the retailers that carry Challenge Dairy Products. Sadly they’re not available in all states but here’s to hoping they will expand and SOON *pleading*

& so you can make these babies too! We’re GIVING AWAY this fantastic Nordic Ware Pan!



Okay, okay I know you’re ready so here’s how to ENTER:

1. Leave a comment here telling me what you would do with this Nordic Ware pan if you’re the lucky winner {that’s of course after you try out this recipe LOL}
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Legal Schmegal: 1 lucky winner will be drawn Monday, April 26th at 12:00 p.m. EST. Winner will be drawn by my lucky eight ball (aka Contest is open to US addresses only.

Baci & in bocca al lupo!

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Nutella Truffles with Raspberry Sauce
What you’ll need:
2  – 11.5 ounce packages of chocolate (I used Ghirardelli 60%  Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate)
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
13 ounces Nutella
6 ounces fresh Raspberries
1 tablespoon sugar {more if you like your sauce sweeter}

Special Equipment: Nordic Ware Bundt Tea Cake & Candy Mold – Thirty 1/8 cup cavities

What to do:
1. Using a double boiler, place chocolate into the top of double boiler and melt chocolate over the simmering water, stirring as necessary. When chocolate is melted turn off heat and add pat of butter. Mix together until butter is combined.

2. While chocolate is melting, spray your molds with cooking spray with flour. Spoon some of the chocolate into the molds. After all the molds have chocolate invert the mold pan over a Silpat mat. Wait a few seconds until all excess chocolate has dripped out. Try to clean as much of the excess off of the top of the mold as possible. Place mold into the refrigerator to allow shell to harden. Approx 15-20 minutes.

3. When shells have hardened remove mold from refrigerator. {IF your melted chocolate has begun to set, return double boiler to heat and allow to re-melt} Spoon approx 1 teaspoon of Nutella into each mold. When complete. Top off each mold with melted chocolate. Again, cleaning up any excess melted chocolate. Return mold to refrigerator to set up. Approx 30 minutes.

4. Invert mold to remove truffles. Giving slight tap to counter if necessary to help release truffles.

5. To make sauce: place your raspberries into a small bowl, add sugar. Mash together with fork. Place raspberries through a small sieve until it’s a smooth sauce consistency. Drizzle sauce over truffles.


  1. 152
    Erin from Long Island /

    email subscriber

  2. 153

    First, your truffles look magnificent! It never occurred to me that the method would be so simple!

    I love Nordic Ware pans and have used them for everything from classic cakes, molded ice cream, and even baking novelty shaped breads. This mini-mold would be fabulous for some fun petit fours, and even truffles like yours! Sign me up!

  3. 155

    I would use this pan to make the favors for my wedding in five weeks. I want to make candy favors, and the pretty mold would open up so many possibilities!!!

  4. 156
  5. 157

    I subscribe to the RSS feed!

  6. 158
    Rose in Ohio /

    Chances are extremely high that I’ll be using this pan to make something involving chocolate and peanut butter.

  7. 159
    Heather /

    Adorable! I would make cute little cakes. And little fun muffins.


  8. 160
    Shirley /

    I’d make sweet little fancy cakes for a fairy tea party for my daughter. She would adore them!

  9. 161
    Margie /

    Oh my so cute! I would make mini cakes.

  10. 162

    Gorgeous… I love the pan!!

  11. 163

    Ohh the pan is so cute!
    I would make little cakes with the pan!

  12. 164
    cD /

    I would use it to bake with my four year old daughter. She prefers the baking to the eating of sweets (lucky girl!) and so Mommy usually ends up eating the results (not good for Mommy’s waistline. With this we could bake a big batch of little cakes, then freeze them and take out and decorate a few at a time. crayolaswap at hotmail dot com

  13. 165
    cD /

    Signed up for your e-mails. crayolaswap at hotmail dot com

  14. 166

    Awesome. So cute. Good luck to everyone

  15. 167

    I would make some mini citrus tea cakes. That pan is adorable!

  16. 168

    I would make cute little mini cheesecakes with this pan. I LOVE cheesecake and this would be a great way to not overindulge.

  17. 169
    tina reynolds /

    I would love to make these with my kids they looks so good, and some little mini colored cakes for my kids

  18. 170
    tina reynolds /

    i subscribe by email

  19. 172

    Oh I love that pan…and what a perfect recipe to make with it.

  20. 173
    MikeW /

    Marzipan filled truffles would be next!

  21. 174

    I’d make dark chocolate pb truffles… MMMMM!!

  22. 176

    And I get your updated via RSS feed!

  23. 177

    I’d use this pan to make mini cream cheese poundcakes and then drizzle them with glaze or shake powdered sugar over them.

  24. 178

    I just retweeted your link to the contest!

  25. 179
    Rebecca Graham /

    I would make mini cakes with this pan.

  26. 180

    I’d use it to make something for my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meetings.

  27. 181
    Ashley Adams /

    These look so pretty! I’d definitely try your recipe to start, but I’d also offer my services to friends for cocktail parties- both appetizers and desserts : little homemade cheesecakes and chocolates would be the perfect product from this pan! I bet these would make lovely little sorbets as well. I love the size- helps to keep portions in check!

  28. 182
    Ashley Adams /

    I’ve been meaning to subscribe to your blog for some time now, as your subject is so dear to my heart. I spent several years in Rome and miss my time (e cibo splendido) there considerably. Thank you for sharing these pleasures with us!

  29. 183
    Ashley Adams /

    Tweeted (first tweet ever!)
    RT @bellalimento Nutella Truffles & a Nordic Ware Giveaway:

  30. 184

    these look delicious!!!

  31. 185
    Angie /

    My goodness, amazing Paula!


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