Bavarese al Melone {Bavarian Cream with Melon} + a {GIVEAWAY}


As the temperatures RISE, fruit desserts are replacing the heavier BAKED desserts in our house {oh don’t worry, they’ll be back, they’re just on vacay LOL} Cantaloupe are everywhere right now. They’re not only beautiful to look at they’re incredibly juicy, sweet and versatile ; ) 


I was recently sent a complimentary isi CREATIVE WHIP to try out. It’s quite an impressive sleek looking kitchen tool. It’s the first at home whipper that allows you to use BOTH cream & soda chargers! There are a million things to do with the Creative Whip from making pancakes, to mayonnaise, to mousse to well you get the picture. BUT of course I thought of homemade whipped cream first! Who doesn’t love homemade whipped cream!


I decided to use my freshly whipped up cream to make Bavarese al Melone, which is Italian for Bavarian melon. My bambini have renamed this melon cream & it’s just that. Creamy Cantaloupy mousse-y {that’s a word, right? LOL} goodness! It’s a snap to pull together and you can do it ahead of time so it’s also perfect for entertaining!


The secret is to NOT over mix the cantaloupe mixture with the whipped cream. You’ll gently fold it together, and not whip it into submission ; ) You want it to be airy! Making it the perfect, light and refreshing summer time dessert! Just loverly!

What you’ll need:
1 large cantaloupe
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/3 cup sugar + 1 additional tablespoon
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
.50 ounces or 2 packets knox gelatin
strawberries to garnish
fresh mint to garnish
ground cinnamon to garnish

What to do:
Cut the cantaloupe in half , remove the seeds with a spoon & discard.  Scoop out the flesh carefully {do not pierce the sides as you’ll use it to serve} and transfer to a bowl. Into a small bowl add 6 tablespoons water and sprinkle the gelatin packs on top {do not mix} set aside. Put the sugar in sauce pan with a couple of spoons of water over medium heat & cook until you have a syrup that coats the back of spoon. Take off heat, whisk in gelatin mixture and stir until well combined. Set aside.

Put the cantaloupe flesh into a blender {food processor, hand blender, etc} & blend until creamy. Add the cantaloupe mixture and vanilla extract to the syrup mixture. Stir to combine. Use the directions on your Creative Whip to make the whipped cream with the heavy whipping cream. To it add 1 tablespoon of sugar to sweeten. If you do not have a Creative Whip use your stand mixer, mixer to make whipped cream.

Gently FOLD in your  whipped cream. Pat your cantaloupe skins dry with a paper towel & gently pour the cantaloupe cream mixture into each half. Transfer to refrigerator for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours until it firms up. Garnish with fresh strawberries and mint and a sprinkling of cinnamon if desired.

Buon Appetito!

Oh wait! I said GIVEAWAY! You’d like one of these isi CREATIVE WHIP kitchen tools, wouldn’t you? I mean look at all the things you can do with one!

Edited to add: Contest has ended. THANK YOU for your entries. Winner announced HERE

As if the  isi CREATIVE WHIP kitchen tool by itself weren’t enough, we’re including a box of SODA charges & CREAM chargers *happy dance* 

Here’s how to enter {please read carefully, you don’t want to have an entry disqualified now do ya ; )}


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In bocca al lupo {good luck}!



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    Erin from Long Island /

    follow, tweeted


  2. 252

    That’s the collest kitchen gadget I’ve seen after the microplaner. I would make a dark chocolate mousse first if I won this! WOW!!

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    Now a fan… LIKE!

  4. 254
    Jennifer F. /

    I’d make whipped cream for my summer berry trifle…

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    rachel crisman /

    I would make my secret mango whipped cream and vanilla bean ice cream!

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    Renee /

    I would make some of that flavored whipped cream… YUM!


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