Going Bananas with DOLE at Disneyland

You do like bananas don’t you? I certainly do. It’s pretty much one of the most perfect portable snacks you can find. I’ve been eating them since before I can remember. Literally. They pretty much fueled my way through my sports years as well. Yep, you might be surprised to know that I played basketball and volleyball. #25 baby. I loved playing sports. What I didn’t love,  the energy drain and cramps during games. To work around that I would eat a banana at halftime and was good to go before long. Bananas are definitely nature’s original energy bar.

Why all the banana talk? A few weeks back I was lucky to be able to attend the DOLE Bananas Summit hosted by my friends at DOLE. I boarded a big jetliner and headed to Anaheim to the Grand California Hotel at Disneyland (all decorated for Halloween – how cool are those candy apples from Downtown Disney?). Yep, I have a very hard job I know. I don’t need to tell you how great bananas are.  You already know they are excellent sources of potassium.  That they’re a great easily digestible grab and go snack do I?  Here’s a few NEW fun facts about bananas that I learned (during a game of banana jeopardy) that you might not know as well:

  • rub a banana peel on your poison ivy or bug bites and it relieves the itching.
  • you can polish your teeth or shoes with a banana peel.
  • grill a banana until it is virtually black, remove the peel, and place the insides on a graham cracker with a piece of chocolate for a twist on s’mores
  • when you get your bananas home from the market separate them and they will last longer.
  • when you run a frozen banana through a YONANAS machine you get a frozen treat that tastes just like soft serve ice cream!

After a day of all things bananas we ventured out into the park! First stop DOLE’s Enchanted Tiki Room! After years of hearing about the legendary DOLE Whip to say I was excited to try this was an understatement. Swoon. I wish I would have gotten a photo of that swirly goodness but between trying to hold an umbrella (the one day it rains a year in California we were there LOL) chatting with the girls and inhaling it it just didn’t happen. Trust me if you’re there just get one. You’ll thank me.

Then we got a personal tour around the park. Very cool. My favorite part getting to by pass the insanely long line in the Cars ride located in ridiculously realistic Radiator Springs. The magic of Disney is definitely in the details. They don’t disappoint.

We didn’t eat at Flo’s Cafe  instead we dined at  Carthay Circle Restaurant. A very fine dining restaurant (yes in the park). Hands down, it was the best meal of the DOLE trip. Yes hands down. If you have the chance to eat there take it. Another good eat, the pizza at Napoli in Downtown Disney delizioso. Try it. You’ll like it.

Now I shouldn’t be the only one who gets to have all the fun right? DOLE is giving one of you lucky readers a chance to win a yonanas machine! You’re kids will love this machine! Mine are crazy about it. Just remember to peel the bananas before you freeze them. I learned the hard way.


One Yonanas Machine – Make delicious, creamy, low-cost, healthy frozen treats in just minutes! A tip peel the bananas before you freeze them. Trying to get the peel off a frozen banana. Let’s just say not fun.

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Go bananas everyday with DOLE BANANAS! .


Disclaimer: My trip was compliments of Dole. Opinions are my own. Always have been. Always will be. Dole provided me with a yonanas machine and is providing one bell’alimento reader a machine as well.


  1. 51

    I love to make banana bread and banana muffins.

  2. 52
    Jennifer Marie /

    bananas dipped in chocolate sauce :)

  3. 53
    Amy Rouse /

    dipped in chocolate!!!! Love

  4. 54
    Diane Mason /

    Bananas sliced thinly, on a thin layer of peanut butter. Elvis had the right idea.

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