Sorbetto di Melagrana {Pomegranate Sorbet}

I’ve officially brought my ice cream maker out of it’s winter hibernation. It gets a pretty heavy workout in our house during the warm months and needs a little reprieve during the colder months ; ) The only decision what was to make in it first. A refreshing sorbet seemed like a great choice ; )

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Sorbetto di Melone {Cantaloupe Sorbet}

Dessert  in the summer time should be quick and refreshing. Nothing complicated {we don’t need another excuse to heat up our kitchen do we ; ) }. With so many fresh fruits in season the possibilities for ideas are endless. For me, Sorbets are my go to summer time dessert. It’s obvious how much I adore them  {you’ve seen our GRAPE, POMEGRANATE, CHERRY, and WATERMELON} Sorbets use just a handful of ingredients and take minutes to prepare. You could even have the machine running while you’re eating dinner and it will be ready by the time you are! Easy peasy.

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Sorbetto di Uva {Grape Sorbet}

If you want a super simple and scrumptious summer treat then sorbets are your answer {wow that’s a mouthful ; ) }. You can make a sorbet from just about any fruit or combination of fruits. We recently shared a POMEGRANATE SORBET and a CHERRY SORBET. And we can’t forget about the  WATERMELON & LIME SORBET that made it’s debut last summer. Now we have a robust red grape sorbet to tempt your taste buds.

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Gelato al Melograno {Pomegranate Gelato}


I love summer time. I love the long days, throwing our normally way over scheduled schedule out the window, and kicking back with GELATO! Yes, I could make it everyday {and sometimes we do LOL} My Cuisinart maker is getting quite a workout this summer! She’s one kitchen gadget that has been worth every penny!  I might as well just leave her out on the counter she gets used so often ; ) 

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Beet Pickled Deviled Eggs For 1000 Cooks For The Cure

Beet Pickled Deviled Eggs

You might have noticed there is a whole lot of pink floating around in the blogosphere lately. It’s not just for sprinkles and sparkles, it’s for a good cause! Cook for the Cure is a program for people who love to cook and entertain. It’s a way to help raise money for the ongoing fight against breast cancer. Want to join us? There are so many ways to help out. You can host a small fundraising party for 1,000 Cooks for the Cure between now and July 29 for your friends and family. Rather than bring a gift, food or wine, ask your guests to make a small donation for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Every penny helps and does add up.

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