Pot Roast with Balsamic Mushroom Gravy

Pot Roast with Balsamic Mushroom Gravy

This isn’t your grandma’s pot roast. Oh no. This one is bigger, badder and bolder in the flavor department. It’s tender, melt in your mouth beef that’s made even better by the balsamic mushroom sauce that you’ll want to just spoon into your mouth (yes I did that). If that doesn’t make you want to make this tonight how about I sweeten the pot. It’s made in ONE POT. Y’all know how excited I get about those kinds of things. This roast is a low and slow stunner that you’ll be gravitating to all fall and winter long.

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Grilled Balsamic Steak and Mushroom Kebabs

Balsamic Grilled Steak and Mushroom Kebabs

Does anyone else think of fencing when there are kebabs on the menu? No, just me. Okay then.  Glad we got that out of the way. I like kebabs. They’re fun to say, and better yet fun to eat. You can have an entire meal on a stick. You know my aversion to dishes loving self would be all over that. Yep yep.

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Inside and Out Mushroom Swiss Burger

Mushroom Swiss Burger www.bellalimento.com
Sometimes you just need a burger in your life. A big, fat, juicy mushroom Swiss burger to be exact. Now that spring has finally arrived we’ve busted out our leaf blower, cleaned off the deck and brought the grill back out. Now if it’s still too chilly in your neck of the woods you can always use a grill pan. We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on this cheesy shroomy goodness.

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Italian Steak with Grilled Radicchio Salad

Italian Steak with Grilled Radicchio Salad www.bellalimento.com

Would you be amazed to know that I had everything delivered to my door to make this incredibly tasty Italian Steak with Grilled Radicchio Salad. Each ingredient pre-portioned (no measuring people). The delivery box also included an 8 x 10 recipe card complete with step by step photographs with clear and concise cooking directions, cooking tips and glossary of terms. Pretty much every thing is done for you but the cooking and the dishes. I’d say that’s pretty amazing and that I’m sorry I didn’t think of this incredible service myself.

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Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy

Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy www.bellalimento.com

Meatloaf is something we’ve all had at one time or another. I’ve found it to be true it’s either really good or really bad. If it falls in the later it’s usually because it’s as dry as the Sahara desert. When it’s done right meatloaf can be magnificent. We all know it’s not going to win any beauty contests but it will satisfy your hunger in a big way. Meatloaf is stick to your ribs good and is a recipe you should have in your repertoire. We think ours is pretty special and after one bite we think you’ll agree. What’s our secret? The sauce.

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Go Coo Coo for Osso Buco

Osso Bucco www.bellalimento.com

 If you want comfort food it doesn’t get much better than Osso Buco. In fact, I’m kinda Coo Coo for Osso Buco. If you’ve never heard of Osso Buco, it is a Milanese specialty of braised veal shanks. It translates to Bone (osso) with a Hole (buco) so clearly we’re going to continue to call it Osso Buco because everything sounds better in Italian.  Once you’ve had this low and slow stunner you’re going to want more, and if for some reason you’re so full you can’t finish your portion I’m happy to finish yours. I’m a giver, what can I say.

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Grilled Ribeye with Balsamic Butter Sauce

Grilled Ribeye with Balsamic Butter Sauce

Finally grilling season is here. I’m just a tad bit excited about this after a VERY long winter. I love the smells that waft through the neighborhood as soon as the weather has heated up (and the pollen has past ugh). People are out walking the neighborhood (and gasp actually smiling and waving), flowers are blooming, the trees are filling in and grills are going strong. It’s a good thing.

We (and when I say we I mean my husband) like to grill a lot. It’s typically, chicken, ribs, with the occasional steak thrown in. It’s not that I have anything against steak, quite the contrary, bring on a hunk of perfectly cooked (for me) medium steak any day of the week if you’re paying ; ) If I’m paying it’s more of a special occasion meal. But guess what? Now it doesn’t have to be.

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Firehouse Chili con Carne


People are passionate about chili. They like it the way they like it and that’s just the way it is. Some people like beans in the mix, others not so much. Some people top their chili with all kinds of interesting toppings: sour cream, cheese, chives, fritos, cornbread. Me I’m kind of an odd bird and I like my chili served over rice. Yep, always have. I also like for my husband to make it. Why you ask? Well I have to admit mine tastes more like spicy spaghetti sauce than chili so I defer to him on this one. And grilling for the most part.

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Weeknight Meat Sauce with Rigatoni

Last month I received an email from America’s Test Kitchen. They shared with me they have a BOOK coming out that’s all about pressure cooking. I almost deleted the email because to be completely honest pressure cookers SCARE me. Seriously scare me. For some reason I truly believed if I used one I was going to have an explosion in my kitchen. True story. But somehow curiosity got hold of me.

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Lasagna Macaroni and Cheese

Just saying the word lasagna makes me happy. I’m sure I’m not the only one. What’s not to love right? Well other than how long it takes to make. It’s one of the few dishes that I make that does requires the bulk of a day. I’m not going to lie, I don’t make a lot of dishes that require that much commitment – you know I’m impatient. Now that I’m thinking about it I can only think of a few off the top of my head that I’m willing to spend that much time on. So if I am you can bet a jar of Nutella that it’s got to be eyes rolling back into your head good. Period.

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Coffee Rubbed Steaks

How would I describe coffee rubbed steaks? Two words. Crazy good. I do love my coffee (obsessed might be a better word) and I do love steaks so it’s a natural combination for me. For others, it might not be the obvious choice but sometimes the obvious isn’t always the best now is it? Go ahead and try something new. Come on. You can do it! The coffee rub forms a nice crust on the outside that’s got a little bit of a kick to it. If you don’t like so much of a kick just cut back on the chili powder.

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Super Simple Summer Sliders

I have had a love affair with King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls for as long as I can remember. They’re soft, sweet and irresistible. I could pop them into my mouth all day long. But that would not be good would it. Sadly no. Sniff sniff.  Instead of They’re the perfect size to transform into sliders or bite sized sandwiches. Making them an awesome party appetizer, snack or even a light lunch.

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Beef Tagliata Arugula & Mushroom Salad with Kerrygold Cashel Blue

I am a feeder. I LOVE having people over for dinner. I’ve never been able to cook for just our family. I blame my Mom for that ; ) Or maybe it was my Dad’s fault because he was always dragging GI’s over for dinner and she had to cook for an unexpected crowd . Anyway I get it honestly. Since I can’t physically have you all over we’ll have to settle for virtual dinner parties. Today you’re in luck Susan and I are co-hosting a virtual pot luck with a few of our fabulously talented friends. We’ll each be showcasing the Celtic wonder that is Kerrygold butter and cheese.

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Grilled Steak Kebabs with Caesar Salad

Do you have a salad’tude: a salad state of mind? I do. That doesn’t surprise you does it?  I have confessed to you before that I am not much of a salad person (other than Caprese Salad which I could eat everyday) . When I do eat it it, 9/10 it is a small spinach salad made with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Simple but scrumptious. Probably a big part of my salad’tude is that I don’t get creative with my salads. I tend to look at salads as the intro to dinner, a small supporting character if you will. But my ways are changing and I’ll tell you why.

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Steak with Shallot, Butter & Balsamic Sauce

Steak is sexy. Yes. It is. There’s nothing like a perfectly cooked piece of melt in your mouth steak. For me that means medium. Not too rare, definitely not too done. Nothing worse than a piece of overcooked meat. If I wanted beef jerky I would have gotten beef jerky (I happen to adore beef jerky just not when I’m craving a melt in your mouth steak). One of my goals for this year is to conquer my fear of the flame, aka grilling.

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Scaloppine Pasticciate {Veal Scaloppine}

Another very impressive dish that couldn’t be simpler to make. Veal Scaloppine. It even sounds romantic doesn’t it ; ) And why wouldn’t you just fall in love with this dish? There’s: veal, mushrooms, CHEESE, ham, cream… It’s just dreamy all together.

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Bistecche Piccanti {Spicy Steak}

Sometimes I just want a piece of steak. I’m going to tell you a little secret though, I’m not the best grill master in the world. GASP. There I said it, whew. I feel better. So the idea of going outside and firing up the grill pretty much isn’t high on my list. What do I do in those cases? Wait for Mr. Bell’alimento  to come home to grill. He is the grill master in our casa. And I’m okay with that ; ) 

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Nodini al Pomodoro {Veal Chops in Tomato Sauce}

Veal chops make my mouth water. Perhaps it’s just hearing the word “chops” which makes me want to lick my lips. Or perhaps it’s the oh so tender veal. Chissa {who knows} but what I do know is that Nodini al Pomodoro {veal chops in tomato sauce} is a dish that tantalizes my taste buds…

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Brasato {Braised Short Ribs with Vegetables and Herbs}

Who doesn’t love braised short ribs? Not only are they incredibly flavorful because of the sheer amount of time they spend bubbling away in their own special little jacuzzi, they’re so tender they fall off the bone. And if that wasn’t enough it’s pretty much pot to table! Hey, what can I say, I like to cook but detest doing dishes…sigh

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Manzo alla Panna {Beef Roast with Parmigiano and Cream}

Before we get to this extraordinarily scrumptious beef roast {patience my pretties, patience}, I wanted to tell you about  Kitchen Play ! It’s a brand spanking new interactive site and I think you’re going to like it. Who doesn’t like to play in the kitchen after all, I know I do ; ) Because I know you’re intrigued and you’re asking so how exactly does this site work ? Well, I’m so happy you asked ; )

Kitchen Play will present a new sponsored Progressive Party each month. The premise: six bloggers tasked with the challenge of incorporating the same food product or kitchen tool into six wildly different courses. After each month’s dramatic reveal, there will be a contest open to other food bloggers who want to try that month’s recipes and post about it for a chance to win a prize. How fun right!

I was honored to be chosen to participate  in this month’s Progressive Party & Sur La Table just happens to be the Sponsor {squeeee} A word from our sponsor…”Sur La Table provides inspiration, tools and techniques for those who wish to enhance their lives through creative cooking and artful entertaining. Sur La Table’s comprehensive selection of products includes tools from around the world to prepare any cuisine, as well as beautiful dishes, linens and glasses to create a striking presentation. Sur La Table shops the world for new products providing the unexpected and a sense of discovery, whether you step into one of its stores nationwide, open the pages of its catalog or visit surlatable.com.”

My assigned course was ENTREE {score} and our top secret Sur La Table product {that was provided to me at no charge, ehem disclosure} was…*drumroll please* a Digital Flip Thermometer {perfect for cooking, baking and barbecuing Accurate up to 235 degrees F/112 degrees Celsius It’s small, sleek and yes sexy! And comes in a variety of snappy colors!

So now, what to do with this sweet sexy little number, eh? Since it is now fall, and I can bear heating up the kitchen a wee bit, I thought a roast was in order. Not just any roast {you know me better than that} A Manzo alla Panna {Beef Roast with a Parmigiano Reggiano and Cream sauce} Oh yes, it’s even better than it sounds. You’ll definitely want to make this. You, your tummy and your family’s tummies will thank me ; ) }

And…psst..because the site is called KITCHEN PLAY, {you knew a contest was coming  didn’t you ; ) } if you DO make this recipe {or any of the others from this progressive party – but you know you want to make THIS recipe right LOL} and post about the experience on your own sites you MIGHT just win a prize. Woo hoo! To read about all of the rules/regulations, head on over to Kitchen Play. The prize will be the same for each course: The Swissmar V-Slicer valued at $50 (6 prizes total). But wait, there will also be a GRAND PRIZE drawing (all contest entrants are eligible), *drum roll  please* it’s a  Le Creuset Cassis Oval Wide French Oven, 3 ½ qt. #688606 Valued at $255.00.

Now there’s a little incentive ; )  And here’s a little more…

This is not your typical roast. The Parmigiano that is studded into the roast {that just sounds wrong doesn’t it LOL} oozes creamy cheesy goodness while it cooks. The roast is kissed with a nice red wine and then soaks in a creamy bath until it reaches just the right temperature. It’s juicy, moist and will have you going back for seconds {and maybe thirds, I’m not here to judge} I served this with a bed of  Risotto ai Funghi that I made with leeks instead of onions. The sauce covered the Risotto like a warm blanket. It was the perfect culinary marriage on a plate.

So go ahead, get to playing in the kitchen ; ) Baci e in bocca al lupo {good luck}!

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Manzo alla Panna {Beef Roast with Parmigiano and Cream}
What you’ll need: {Easily serves 6 ppl}
3 pound Angus beef rump roast – room temperature
3/4 teaspoon fresh cracked black pepper
2 ounces Parmigiano Reggiano – cut into wedges {see directions}
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 cup dry red wine
3 cups heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup Parmigiano Reggiano – grated

What to do:
1. Rub the pepper onto all sides of the roast.  Make small, deep slits in all sides of the roast. Cut your Parmigiano wedges so that they will fit into the slits of the roast. Insert the Parmigiano into each slit, making sure it’s inserted all the way into the roast. Set aside.

2. Into your dutch oven add butter, olive oil over medium – high heat. Once melted add your roast and brown on all sides. {use a splatter screen if desired} Add wine and cook until wine has reduced by half.

3. Once wine has reduced, reduce heat to LOW, pour 1 cup of cream over roast, cover and simmer until roast reaches an internal temperature of 150-155 degrees {medium} Approx 2 – 2.5 hours. Continue adding 1/2 cup of remaining cream every half hour. Turn your roast every so often.

4. Once roast has reached it’s internal temperature of 150-155 degrees, remove it from the dutch oven, transfer to a cutting board and allow it to rest 10-15 minutes before slicing.

5. WHILE the roast is resting, skim the fat off of the top of the sauce and discard. Add the grated Parmigiano Reggiano and stir to combine. {If you prefer your sauce thicker, return the sauce to medium heat, stirring often and allow it to thicken}

6. Once the roast has rested, slice roast into thin slices and top with sauce.

Buon Appetito!

*You’ll want your roast to be room temperature before browning. Your roast will cook more evenly if it’s at room temperature. Same goes for the cream, you don’t want to add a COLD liquid to a WARM pot.
* Once you’re nearing the 2 hour mark start checking the internal temperature of your roast with your digital thermometer. Cooking times will vary depending on your stove and the size of the roast and how YOU like it cooked. We like our meat cooked medium which is 150 range for a warm pink center.
* It’s EXTREMELY important to let your roast rest prior to slicing. If you slice it too early all the juices from the roast will just run out onto your cutting board.
* If your sauce, simply turn up the heat, continue to stir until it reaches your desired thickness.

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