Grilled Pistachio and Mint Crusted Lamb Chops

I have a confession to make. I fully intended on cooking and posting these lovely lamb chops last week in time for Easter. Guess what? Life got in the way of that. Did it make these any less special? Absolutely not. In fact I’m pretty sure these are going in my category of Weeknight Wonder meals. Fast and flavorful. How fast? 30 minutes tops. A quick 15 minute marinade and 15 minutes to grill the chops (don’t worry I didn’t grill them for 15 minutes – because that would mean I would have served lamb jerky – we won’t even talk about how wrong that would be. I had to grill in batches because my grill pan is not that large).

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Agnello in Crosta {Lamb Wrapped in Pastry Dough}


Are you looking to add a little fancy schmancy to your cooking repertoire? And by fancy schmancy I mean looking like you’ve slaved in the kitchen all afternoon to prepare a gourmet meal ; ) But DIDN’T.. Well I have a dish for you ; ) And it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day…

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